Women on WTB: Susannah Boubaker (IWD)

International Women’s Day 2017 campaign theme is #BeBoldForChange. This day celebrate the contribution that women have done regarding social, economic , cultural and political achievement around the globe and this year the focus is to make more gender inclusive world.

Today we have talked to Susannah Boubaker, solicitor at WTB Solicitors and one of the women making our firm successful!

What is your position at WTB Solicitors?

I am a Family Law Solicitor, specialising in matters relating to children and domestic abuse.

Explain the variety of tasks that you deal with at work

I assist clients with resolving issues relating to their family. This includes speaking to and advising clients and also corresponding with the other party and attempting to negotiate a settlement. If this is not possible, I may draft an application to the Court on behalf of my client and I will then subsequently represent my client at Court.

What took you into law?

A desire to assist people who are experiencing personal difficulties and who are experiencing emotional trauma, in particular victims of domestic abuse.

Since when have you been working at the firm?

November 2014

Is it easy for you to cope with your work-life balance? 

My job is very demanding and can be quite stressful. Due to the nature of the cases, it can be difficult not to take your work home with you and to dwell on issues concerning your cases when you are not at work. However, WTB has a good support system in place for their employees and I always feel able to get assistance from my colleagues and managers when required.

From your point of view, how have things in your work field changed for women over the years?

Giving employees the right to request flexible working to care for dependents was a good step forward.