Women on WTB: Razia Miah (IWD)

International Women’s Day 2016 campaign theme is #PledgeForParity . This day celebrate the contribution that women have done regarding social, economic , cultural and political achievement around the globe

At WTB Solicitors we want to proudly celebrate and recognise the work that women on our staff do for both us and our clients. We want our women to let the world know that regardless the job you do, it is really easy to be a super woman. And here in our firm, 90% of the staff are women.

Today we have talked to Razia Miah, trainee solicitor . Find what she has to say below:

What is your position at WTB Solicitors?

I am Trainee Solicitor

Explain the variety of tasks that you deal with at work

I deal with mainly care clients; I work closely with Elena Waddell (head of the Care Team as well as a Partner of the firm) the clients range from Parents of children who are in care proceedings or the child who is subject to care proceedings and act through their children’s guardian. I also assist the private family team.  My duties include completing legal aid applications on behalf of the client, drafting clients statements, meeting with clients and assisting them at court, raising any issues which they have with the solicitor with conduct of their case, liaising with barristers, Local Authorities.

What took you into law?

I enjoy helping and offering guidance to people in general. I have always wanted to pursue a career in Law as I believe there is a right way to get something done. I liked the idea that I could offer a peace of mind to an individual or find a way out for them and the Law would be able to assist to achieve this. There is so much more for me to learn in my career and to achieve and I know that the Legal field offers many opportunities.

Since when have you been working at the firm?

I started working for WTB in October 2014; my position at the time was that of an Family Law Intern.

In this period, what has been the best?

Being offered a training contract was the greatest achievement to date, being recognised and praised for the hard work that I put in and  not forgetting being able to assist clients

Is it easy for you to cope with your work-life balance?

Family is very important to me and there are times when I am needed to assist at home. I am able to manage my work load well by prioritising my duties. WTB are very understanding and allow a person to be able to balance a good home and work life.