Women on WTB: Olivia Barry (IWD)

International Women’s Day 2017 campaign theme is #BeBoldForChange. This day celebrate the contribution that women have done regarding social, economic , cultural and political achievement around the globe and this year the focus is to make more gender inclusive world.

Today we have talked to Olivia Barry, trainee solicitor at WTB Solicitors and one of the women making our firm successful!

What is your position at WTB Solicitors?

Trainee Solicitor

Explain the variety of tasks that you deal with at work

I assist the family law team with their case loads. My day to day duties include taking instructions from clients, drafting statements, corresponding with the other side(s)/other experts and/or professionals, preparing instructions to experts, instructing & backing counsel at court, attending professionals/advocates meetings, drafting court applications, completing legal aid applications and other administrative tasks.

What took you into law?

I love a good debate! I did philosophy at a-level which was basically just arguing and defending a point which no one could prove anyway! My dad always raised me to take the other side of every argument and defend it – even if I didn’t believe it. He would purposely argue (in his words “discuss”) with me about my view on something which, as a teenager, seriously frustrated me, because I knew he didn’t actually believe what he was saying. Greatest advice yet – thanks dad!

It’s extremely satisfying to know that what I do genuinely helps people and improves their lives. Every day I see people in their darkest moments and looking to me for help – and it’s a privilege to be able to do so.

Since when have you been working at the firm?

April 2016

Is it easy for you to cope with your work-life balance? 

Within the legal profession, I think there is a duty on all practitioners to ensure they put the time in to help and improve their client’s lives. This does sometimes mean working late and making sacrifices. But with great family, friends and colleagues, it is definitely possible to have a healthy work-life balance.

From your point of view, how have things in your work field changed for women over the years?

I have only been in practice for 4 years and therefore from my point of view, women’s role in the legal industry hasn’t changed in that period. I’ve been extremely lucky to work with and learn from some of the most capable, strong and independent women lawyers who are at the top of their field. They are, and continue to be my inspiration.