The Scandal of Separated Siblings

At WTB we have a large family department and dedicated care solicitors. We frequently advise parents whose children have been taken into local authority care and are being looked after by foster carers.

We also understand how difficult it can be for parents and children alike if children are not placed together. Sibling relationships are amongst the longest relationships that people have and are important both to a person’s identity and sense of belonging.

A Freedom of Information Act request made by Action for Children in September 2014 shows that, on average, one in three siblings are separated when they enter foster care. 89% of local authorities responded to the charity and gave information about placements in the 2013/2014 financial year. The information provided showed that out of 11,082 children from sibling groups that entered foster care, 3598 children were separated.

We understand that there are times when it is in the best interests of the sibling group for certain siblings to be placed together or for one sibling to be placed away from the remaining siblings due to the individual needs of the children. However, if you are concerned about your children’s placement in foster care speak to our specialist children panel solicitors on 0161 224 3311