The government plans to change the law on adoption

New changes are to be put into place for when a child is put forward for adoption after a Court approves the making of a Placement Order following the conclusion of care proceedings. The idea is to increase the number of children being placed into adoption quickly when it has been decided that permanence outside of the birth family is required.  This new change has come into place since there has been a decrease of 50% in the last two years in the number of adoption decisions being made by the Court and Local Authorities. This means that there are many vulnerable children being left in long term foster care who are not receiving the help and support which is much needed, especially to a child who has suffered neglect or abuse.

The government concern shows that for every day a child is left in care; this is a further delay in that child’s development. Their permanence is not being prioritised and the child is not receiving the therapeutic help which is needed in order to provide them with love, stability and security.  This new change will fall in line with the prime ministers plans which he announced in November 2015 to speed up the adoption process. This change to the legislation of adoption will put added pressure onto children’s services to find adoption placement as soon as possible if adoption is decided. Leaving little chance for the birth family to apply to discharge the making of an adoption order, if they believe that significant changes have been made in their lives.

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