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Any personal information collected on this website is treated with confidence and dealt with in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. All personal data you provide to us through the designated enquiry forms or via email links on the website will only be used to provide the services that you request us to provide. We cannot guarantee the security of an email during transmission. If you have any concerns as to the privacy of the online enquiry forms or email correspondence, you can telephone or write to us instead.

We respect your right to privacy and comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. We will keep your personal information confidential except to the extent that it is necessary to disclose it by law, for example, in connection with the Money laundering Regulations or other statutory requirement or to fulfill a legal process or in order to provide a product or service that you have requested. Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to access the information regarding yourself we hold. An official fee is payable. We will not rent sell or disclose your contact details to a third party. We may add your details to our marketing database so that we can send you mailings of items which we think might be of interest or training seminars and events. If you would like any information about the information we hold or to be removed form our mailing database please contact enquiries@wtbsolicitors.com

This privacy policy ceases to apply should you proceed through to another website using a link.

This policy may change over time, and you should not assume that this version is the most up to date version of the privacy policy. We will post any changes to the policy on this page of the website, and you should therefore check this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes

Client Account Interest Policy

In holding client’s money, we have an obligation under the SRA Code of Conduct for Firms to pay interest on that money at a fair and reasonable rate and are required to put in place an interest policy; this policy sets out the guidelines for when interest will be paid.

We will account to the client for interest at a reasonable rate of interest, having regard to the amount held, the length of time for which cleared funds are held, the need for instant access to the funds, the rate of interest payable on the amount held in an instant access account at the bank where the client account is kept, and the practice of the bank in relation to how often interest is compounded.  The rate of interest is unlikely to be as high as the rate the client may be able to obtain itself as we must ensure that money held on client account is immediately available and so the need for instant access is taken into account when agreeing the appropriate rate.

We align our interest rates paid on both monies held on general client account and separate designated deposit accounts to the rates paid by Lloyds TSB Bank plc.  This rate is likely to change from time to time.  We receive a higher rate of interest on monies held on general client account than the rate of interest at which we account to the client.  The same rate of interest will be paid on money held in general client account as will be paid on money held in a separate designated deposit account.

Where amounts are held outside a general client account or separate designated deposit account, the rate of interest and date that interest is credited will depend on the relevant institution where the funds are held, and as such fall outside the requirements of this policy.  The relevant interest information will be provided to the client on request.

Where the client’s money is held on our general client account, any interest paid to the client is paid without any deduction for income tax (unless the client is resident overseas – see below).  As such it is the client’s responsibility to inform HMRC of amounts of interest received from us and the implications of this will depend upon the client’s own financial circumstances.  Where money is held on a separate designated deposit account interest is usually paid net of tax (unless the client has signed a declaration confirming the client’s entitlement to receive bank interest gross).

Under the European Savings Directive regulations 2003/48/EC we are required to inform HMRC of payments of interest to relevant payees and residual entities in prescribed territories.  Where the client resides outside the UK and EC, we are required to deduct income tax at the current basic rate and account for this interest to HMRC directly and pay the client the net amount.

Interest will be calculated from the time the funds become cleared for interest purposes, which on cheques will be six days after the cheque has been deposited with our bank.  For same day payments (CHAPS, direct transfer, faster payment or by banker’s draft) the funds become cleared on the day of receipt.  For BACS payments the funds become cleared on the day after receipt.   Interest will be calculated on a daily basis and calculated on amounts held overnight from the day the funds become cleared for interest purposes.

We will not account for interest on money held on our general client account unless the amount of money held exceeds £25.00.

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