Suzi Gardener had an invaluable work experience week at WTB

I have really enjoyed my time at WTB. I am currently studying my LPC and I wanted to gain some understanding of the different areas of law I could pursue in my career.

WTB has allowed me the opportunity to gain an insight into how a firm is run on a daily basis. I was able to sit in on appointments with clients which enabled me to see how the knowledge and skills I have aquired during my LPC in interviewing is actually carried our in practice.

I was provided with an overview of each clients enquiry so that I could familiarise myself with the legislation, such as the Immigration Rules before the appointment which was very useful.

I was also afforded the opportunity to attend court on two occassions, one occassion being the Crown Court. Again I found this experience very useful in seeing the skills that I have learnt academically applied in practice. The solicotor, Ben Taylor, was also very helpful in explaining new legislation and cases of which I was not previously familiar.

I was asked to research two cases and summarise them. I found this task very useful in developing my skills of understanding unfamiliar information quickly and thinking on my feet.

Overall the insight I have recieved at WTB has been really useful and I have really enjoyed my experience.  I am passionate about working with people to make a positive difference in their lives, and WTB has shown me first hand how this can be carried out as a legal aid solicitor.

Thank you for the opportunity to gain this invaluable experience.