Are you a tenant? Are you suffering because your landlord is not doing something that he should? Have you moved in and found that there of lots of repairs needed? Is your health suffering or have your belongings been damaged as a result? Are you worried about being evicted or are you facing court proceedings? Does your landlord want to repossess the property? Do you have anywhere to go?

The expert housing law solicitors at WTB Solicitors LLP can advise and help tenants facing the following problems:

  • Tenancy deposit disputes
  • Disrepair cases: we help you take action to ensure repairs to your home are carried out, and may also be able to help you obtain compensation. In a serious case you may be entitled to more than £5000.00
  • Possession proceedings for rent arrears: do not risk losing your home, we can help but you must take action quickly.
  • Possession proceedings for mortgage arrears
  • Housing issues related to antisocial behaviour
  • Harassment by your neighbours: if it is serious we can help get an injunction to stop harassment
  • Illegal eviction and harassment by your landlord: unless your landlord follows the correct procedure eviction is unlawful, we will help you keep your home and you may be entitled to compensation
  • If you are made homeless we can help
  • Complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman or Housing Ombudsman

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