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Our specialist lawyers are used to deal with young people and will explain you everything in plain and easily understood English

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No matter your age you can be a victim of domestic violence and we can help you. Call us or visit us for more information

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There are organisations for young people that can give you emotional extra support if you are a victim of domestic abuse.

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At WTB Solicitors we know that teenagers experience relationship abuse too and that it is a growing problem. Please click here to find out what counts as domestic abuse.

Our solicitors will listen to you and will take you seriously. We can help you take steps to protect your and your children. We have several specialist solicitors who frequently represent teenage victims.

If you are over 16 you can make an application for a non molestation order, if you are under this age it is still possible to apply for an order.

If you are under 18 you will also be able to get legal aid to help you with your legal problems.

Teenage victims may also be able to get help from the local authority children services’ as the local authority have a duty to safeguard and support children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse. If you want to talk to a solicitor call us on 0161 224 3311.

If you want to access more information and support check out these websites: