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At WTB Solicitors our specialist domestic violence solicitors know that one of your priorities is keeping your children safe and ensuring that they have the best childhood possible. We understand how difficult it is to know that your children have witnessed, or been at risk of, domestic violence.

We know that domestic violence has a big impact on children and it is naturally upsetting for children to see one of their parents abusing, attacking or controlling the other. Children can be affected physically, emotionally and psychologically; domestic violence can also have a big impact upon children’s development. Younger children may become anxious, clingy, struggle to sleep or have temper tantrums. Older children at risk of domestic violence may become aggressive, withdrawn, anxious or depressed.

If your children are at risk of domestic violence, there are different steps that can be taken to ensure that your children are protected. After discussing your concerns our experienced solicitors will be able to explain clearly what action can be taken. It is possible to include children at risk of domestic violence within an application for a non molestation order, it is also possible to make an emergency application for a prohibited steps order or specific issue order if you need to ensure that the children cannot be removed from your care or their school or if you need to secure their return. Our domestic violence solicitors can arrange an urgent appointment to discuss whether you need to make an emergency application and often secure orders within 24 hours.

In the longer term you will also need to discuss the arrangements for the children; where they should live and what contact they should have with their other parent. Domestic violence will be considered by a court when making any orders in relation to the children to ensure that the arrangements are safe. Our experienced solicitors can discuss the children’s needs with you.

Social services take domestic violence and the impact it can have on children seriously. If you have been contacted by social services call us on 0161 224 3311 to speak to one of our specialist care solicitors.