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Our solicitors know that men are also victims of domestic violence and will treat you in an extremely sensitive way

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We support every victim regardless sex, religion, sexual orientation… visit our office or call us for more information

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There are several organisations specialised in male victims. In the following link you can find one of them

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At WTB Solicitors LLP you will be treated with  respect. Equality is important to us. Our solicitors will listen to you and work out what we can do to help, from giving practical advice to offering legal solutions.

Male victims are not alone in experiencing domestic abuse. The National Centre for Domestic Violence states that 1 in 6 men will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime with 9% of all reported violent crimes involving male victims of domestic violence.

If you want advice and support contact the Men’s Advice Line or Mankind Initiative.

Image by Jonathan McIntosh under Creative Commons