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Our family solicitors will support you through the whole legal process. You will be treated sensitively all the time.

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It is important that you know both your rights and obligations. We can help you to be safe and give you legal advice

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At WTB Solicitors we understand that you will be worried about going to court. We know some people are concerned about involving other people in “private” matters, some people may be too afraid of what might happen at court and whether they will be believed, other people may be fearful about their partner’s reaction.

Every situation is different and it may be that your circumstances don’t require an application to be made to court. Our solicitors will deal with you sensitively, discuss the help that you need during your appointment and, if a court application is required, they will explain the process to you and support you. Your information will remain confidential at all times and you will be treated with respect.

If it is necessary for you to attend court then special measures can be taken to ensure that you are safe. This can include arranging for you to use a separate entrance and wait in a separate waiting area; if you are required to give evidence we can request that you do so behind a screen or via video link.

If social services contact you in relation to your children call our specialist child care solicitors for help on 0161 224 3311.