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There are several supportive organisations that can help you to start a new happy life away from your aggressor!

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Once you and your children are safe you will want to take steps to rebuild your life and sort out the issues that stem from the breakdown of your relationship.

It may be that you wish to obtain a divorce or dissolution to help you move on with your life.

You may need to think about financial protection to make sure your husband or wife does not try to get rid of, or try to hide, any assets following separation. You may want to work out a long term plan for the former matrimonial home or any jointly owned property.

You may be concerned about the welfare of the children and want to make sure that any arrangements for them to see the other parent are safe and take into account any risks as a result of domestic violence.

Our solicitors can help with all of this and more. Please contact us on 0161 224 3311 to book an appointment