Resolution – What it means to us

The family team at WTB Solicitors LLP are members of Resolution. By being members, we have signed up to a Code of Practice which we take pride in following.

When our family solicitors become members of Resolution they join a community of professionals who work with families and individuals who wish to resolve matters in a practical and non-confrontational way. We won’t use inflammatory, aggressive or confrontational language in an effort to reduce conflict to hopefully resolve matters in an amicable way. Our solicitors take this approach with their clients, other solicitors and professionals when speaking with them and writing to them.

We are committed to working with you for the benefit of your family and your children. WTB Solicitors seek to put the needs of your children first. We strive to reduce your stress and anxieties by being polite, friendly and honest. Our solicitors will treat you with respect and take time to listen to you to ensure you feel comfortable and so that we have a good understanding of what you are hoping to achieve.

Our family solicitors will explain all options to you ensuring you understand those options available. We do this to give you the confidence to make the right decisions for you and your family bearing in mind the emotional and financial costs that may arise. We will advise you and support you through emotional and stressful times in your life, helping you to focus on what is important for you in the long-term.

Here at WTB Solicitors LLP the family team are proud to sign up to the Code of Practice to show commitment to a constructive way of working. We are a law firm looking after every family and being members of Resolution helps us do that.