‘Man’ up?

Domestic abuse is a problem that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or class. It is suffered by men as well as women; however studies have shown that men are much less likely than women to seek help for their experiences.

In March 2016, Sharon Edwards was jailed for life for stabbing to death her husband David Edwards. Sharon, 42, murdered David, 51, a criminal defence solicitor, just 2 months after their wedding in Las Vegas. It was revealed in Court that this was not the first time that Sharon had attacked David with a knife and that his murder was a culmination of violent and bullying behaviour that was perpetrated by Sharon towards David over a number of months.

As a criminal defence solicitor, David will undoubtedly have known that Sharon’s attacks against him were illegal. He will also have probably been more aware than most people of agencies and professionals that he could turn to for help.

People may question – as they frequently do with all victims of domestic abuse – why he didn’t simply end the relationship, or call the police. However, in addition to the usual barriers to ending an abusive relationship (such as love for the abuser, self-blame and fear), David may have also been faced with the perceived shame of admitting that he was being abused by a woman and scared that people may tell him to ‘man’ up.

Please remember that all statutory agencies have a responsibility to help male victims of domestic abuse. The Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327 can provide you with details of support organisations in your area.

At WTB Solicitors, we are fully aware that domestic abuse can and does affect men. We have advised and represented a number of men who are or who have been in an abusive relationship. We want to reassure you that if you are a man suffering from domestic abuse, we will listen sympathetically and provide you with quality legal advice, tailored to your situation. Furthermore, we will not pressurise you in to taking any action that you are not comfortable with. You are our client and we will take our instructions from you.

If you would like a chat with one of our expert solicitors in male domestic abuse to find out how we could help you, please feel free to give us a call.