Jeysu’s work experience week

My time at WTB has been extremely useful helping me understand the day-to-day work life that working people experience daily. I was able to understand the working life, such as adjusting to the longer hours as opposed to what students are used to as well as the commute to and from the work premises.

I was lucky enough to spend half a day in court with one of my colleagues, and I witnessed first hand the skills and intelligence of the solicitors and I was able to see the full potential of the knowledge and skills that were to be used in these big situations.

As of now, a future career in law isn’t exactly my goal for the future as I would prefer to go into college studying Media and Medicine, however I figured that working in a law-based environment would prepare me for an office environment and would give me a better understanding of the different work ethics, and coming out of this experience, I have taken it upon myself to begin to consider studying law.

I was also given tasks based around research of different cases and asked to find more information on the cases’ already detailed files. Although this was challenging I was able to commit to the work and get on with my task and I managed to find more information and return the files safely.

I spent most of my time in Marketing and a few of my tasks consisted of revising other rival companies’ backlinks and comparing them to our won and seeing which key words would bring up which different companies and how often they were searched from the span of a year as well as down to the last month. my fist task in Marketing consisted of me looking at a few different charities and comparing them with each other and explaining the pros of pairing them with WTB.

On the whole I found my experience working with WTB Solicitors to be an amazing opportunity giving me an insight as to what to somewhat expect in my future life, and I’m certain that I would not be able to manage without this experience and newfound knowledge.