Sudden appearance of a ‘sinkhole’ on a residential street

Forty families in Gorton have been unable to return to their homes, several weeks after the sudden appearance of a ‘sinkhole’ on a residential street

On 20 January 2021, without warning, a large area of road on Walmer Street gave way, leaving a deep cavity. Emergency services quickly realised that neighbouring buildings were at risk, and evacuated several families for their own safety. Hours later, some of the houses on the street partially collapsed. More residents have been moved from their homes in the weeks since the incident, as it has become apparent that a number of houses must be demolished or made safe.

United Utilities are carrying out an investigation of the cause of the collapse, but it is not yet known when the investigation will be complete, or what it may reveal.

In the meantime, the unfortunate residents have had to stay in temporary accommodation and have been unable to gain access to their homes to retrieve their possessions. As time stretches on, and with very limited information available, many of the families are finding the situation extremely difficult.

WTB Solicitors responded to a request from the City Council to provide free legal advice to affected residents of the street which is just two miles away from our offices. A number of families have contacted us for assistance, and we will do what we can to help them, liaising closely with the City Council.

Anyone wishing to discuss this, or to find out more, should contact Ben Taylor, a partner at WTB Solicitors, by phone on 0161 224 3311, or by email at