CASE STUDY: Speed & experience may be necessary when making a will

The night before a bank holiday WTB Solicitors received an urgent enquiry from a relative of someone who was gravely ill in hospital. To preserve confidentiality we cannot use names but our client was divorced from the father of her two children.

Though she had little money she urgently wished to make a will to ensure that she had appointed testamentary guardians in respect of her two children. It was likely that the father of her children would object.

WTB Solicitors’ offices are very close to all the main Manchester hospitals and one of our solicitors quickly agreed to meet the family at the hospital within 24 hours.

WTB Solicitors provided additional professional witnesses to ensure that there would be no challenge to the validity of the will and took all the time that was necessary to ensure that the full wishes of our client were properly reflected in the will.

We know that our client and her family appreciated a local solicitor who could be trusted and could react quickly to the circumstances, in this case, to make a will- fast.