Bad Landlords and your deposit

Sometimes it can feel like you have no way of fighting back against a bad landlord. Damp, faulty heating, mouldy walls, the list goes on and if your landlord isn’t taking action to repair and remedy the situation, you may feel at a loss. Locked in a contract, unable to afford to move to new accommodation, yet suffering in the living conditions you find yourself in, you may feel trapped in your situation. Of course, the first step is always to talk to your landlord and try to come to agreement on what you need as a tenant. If your landlord fails to co-operate then it could be time to take action.

When your tenancy first started, you most probably gave your landlord a deposit. By law, your landlord must protect the deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (you can learn about them here) and give you the details of the scheme he or she chose. If you’re unsure if your deposit is protected you can find out by checking with the three schemes.

If your landlord has failed to protect your deposit then you have the right to take them to court for compensation, the court may award you up to three times the deposit amount. This puts your landlord in a weak position and may well be how you take control of the situation. It may be that you just want your issues sorted and you don’t want the stress of going to court, even with the prospect of gaining compensation. Either way, the fact that you can take your landlord to court could be enough to make your landlord act. The threat of court action could be the leverage you’ve needed to improve your living situation, so it is worth knowing your rights.

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