Natalie’s work experience week at WTB Solicitors

I worked at WTB for one week as work experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Throughout this week I gained practical insight into various legal departments, which my university studies alone would not have provided. My week at WTB contrasted previous work experience, as it was more hands on and I was daily given tasks that I found both interesting and engaging.

I really enjoyed meeting clients, drafting letters and becoming familiar with legislation I hadn’t seen before. My favourite experience was attending court with a duty solicitor, as it involved advising cases which we had not dealt with before hand. Attending court allowed me to witness court proceedings first hand and follow their outcome. Whilst working at WTB I rotated between departments such as Immigration, Housing and Family Law. This allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of areas which I had not previously considered. Despite studying Land Law prior to my work experience, I was unaware of the scope of Housing Law and the issues that arise within this area, such as anti-social behaviour. I really enjoyed working with immigration solicitors, Rachel and Harry, as I have a keen interest in Human Rights and my dissertation falls within this topic.

Everyone at WTB was incredibly welcoming and showed an interest in my studies and plans for the future. I tried to utilise the knowledge and experience of those around me by asking as many questions as possible. This experience has motivated me to ensure I get the best grade possible in my final year and begin training to become a solicitor. I felt comfortable at WTB from my first day and was grateful to be part of such a close-knit and efficient team.