W3C Standards

WTB Solicitors’ website is fully accessible and compliant with W3C Accessibility Standards http://www.w3.org/standards/webdesign/accessibility.

Our website can be accessed from a broad range of devices including both mobile devices and desktop ones and will adjust the page, design and content to each of them.

Text size

This website’s text can be increased in size in every browser. It has been specifically designed with that purpose.

You can visit your browser’s website to know how to change the size of the text.  Below you have a list of the more common browsers:


Keyboard input

Our website is easy to surf through the keyboard, navigating the menu mainly with the tab keys. This allow people with disabilities to use assistive technologies that mimic the keyboard.


All the images in the website have an alternative text to make them more accessible to those using a screen reader or to those that have turn off images for whatever reason.

Reporting problems

Should you have any troubles while navigating our website or should you find any technical problem on it, do not hesitate in contacting us. Do it by calling us on 0161 224 3311 or writing us enquiries@wtbsolicitors.com