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An Asset Protection Trust can help guarantee you that you can pass your assets on to your loved ones not withstanding future events.

Often it is the case that although you have made provision for your loved ones, intervening events can mean that best laid plans don’t always work out as intended.

An estate you had planned to pass on to your children can be greatly depleted by the cost of long term care, which can,  on average, be as much as £25,000-£30,000 per year.

Your husband or wife  may suffer  mental or physical incapacity  which  requires care which might continue after your own death.

Some people worry about their spouse re-marrying  and then pass your joint estate on to a new spouse or that spouse’s children.

Your children may go through problems of their own such as divorce, illness and incapacity or bankruptcy, or for other reasons it may be unwise for them to inherit from you directly.

In all of the the above circumstances, an Asset Protection Trust, whereby your part or all of your estate is held in trust, could be the answer.

Our solicitors are here to guide you on the process of protecting you assets and can advise you about the following:

  • Liability to fund future long term care fees
  • Eligibility for NHS continuing care funding
  • Sheltering assets from payment of care fees
  • Protecting assets from a spouse’s future re-marriage, children’s divorce and other family problems
  • Care fees and your home-when is your home taken into account for payment