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Quite simply, we offer great value for money and an understanding approach. We offer you the possibility of visit you at home, in hospital or care home.

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We have a proven record of quality client service and excellent legal advice. When you have suffered a bereavement we help with all the legal formalities

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The law has changed for people who die without a will but it has always been good sense to make a will, don’t leave your loved ones with problems

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There are many good reasons to make a will and we cannot list them all here. Most important is to that you have peace of mind that your wishes will be followed on your death. Everyone wants to be sure that their money, property and other assets will pass to their family and loved ones without difficulty.

In the modern family, providing for loved ones where there are second marriages or step children can require special consideration.

If you do not have a valid will when you die, your estate becomes ‘intestate’. This means the law decides how your estate will be distributed. This can sometimes lead to very complicated distribution of assets to various relatives.

Estate planning, along with making a will, can also help in reducing the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate will pay and help plan for possible future payment of care fees.

Our probate solicitors understand that bereavement is a very difficult time, so we aim to help you promptly and efficiently with the burden of dealing with the administration of the estate of your loved one.

Probate takes place following a person’s death. It involves an application to the court and the completion of a tax return on the value of the estate.

Estate administration involves identifying, securing and collecting the assets of the deceased and distributing them to those who are entitled.