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Are you a tenant? Are you suffering because your landlord is not doing something that he should? Have you moved in and found that there of lots of repairs needed? Is your health suffering or have your belongings been damaged as a result? Are you worried about being evicted or are you facing court proceedings? Does your landlord want to repossess the property? Do you have anywhere to go?

The expert housing law solicitors at WTB Solicitors LLP can advise and help tenants facing the following problems:

WTB are proud to announce that our Housing team have been awarded a rating of Competence Plus by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) as a result of an independent Peer Review.

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By having a Competence Plus Rating awarded by the Legal Aid Agency, WTB are meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Standard Terms. A Peer Review Assessment is a compulsory contractual obligation for any provider of Legal Aid. It is used as an integral part of the Legal Aid Agency’s (LAA) provider management strategy as a direct measure of the quality of advice and legal work of a provider. The independent Peer Review has determined that:

– Clients instructions are appropriately recorded

– Advice and work is tailored to the client’s circumstances

– Clients are advised correctly and in full

– Issues are progressed comprehensively, appropriately and efficiently

– Tactics and strategies are employed to achieve the best outcomes for clients

– The provider adds value to cases and takes a proactive approach

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The results of the independent Peer Review, carried out by the LAA, demonstrates WTB’s dedication to providing the best legal advice and services for communities and individuals that need it- regardless of their circumstances.


Image: Stephen Taylor under Creative Commons