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About cookies

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you are navigating a website. Despite of being stored in your computer, they do not get access to other bits of information which people have in their hard drive. The use of the cookies is mainly to help the website progress and understand how the visitors act when surfing certain website.

Cookies allow as well website and applications to store your preferences up to date to facilitate your access once you have visited a website once.

Cookies in our website

At WTB Solicitor’s website we use cookies in order to improve the experience that users get from our website.

There are several types of cookies: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies and functionality cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies

These types of cookies allow you to navigate around the website and are used to remember your details when filling in a form, for example. These ones are not use for any marketing or advertising purposes.

 Functionality cookies / Analytics cookies

The cookies that we use in this website are mainly to understand our visitors’ behaviours and how you navigate in this site.

We use:

  • Google Analytics cookies: collecting information anonymously to analyse the duration of a visit to our website, how many pages a person visits or which was the landing page. To know more about how Google deals with the information gathered from you please follow the link
_utmaTo know how many times a visitor visits the website by appointing each visitor an unique code
_utmb & _utmcThis cookies help Google Analytics works
_umtzThis one let us know how you have found our website, so we could know if you are coming from a search engine or a social media platform.

3rd party cookies

Wherever this website has links to other website that will have their own privacy policy. WTB Solicitors are not responsible for the 3rd party practices of their website.

As well, we will never pass your details or the information gathered through the cookies to 3rd party companies for advertising purposes.

Refusing cookies

You can refuse to the use of cookie. You can control your settings directly in your browser following their guidance; it will be different settings regarding which browser you are using.

It is possible to also control Adobe Local Shared Objects, also known as Flash cookies (and probably you will have this Adobe extension installed in your computer), through Adobe’s website.

This cookie policy

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