• Neil O'Sullivan

    “I spent a week’s work experience at WTB Solicitors, working in the property, probate and family law departments. During this week, I gained experience of a wide variety of legal work. I drafted letters to clients to summarise advice from counsel. I conducted legal research on the intestacy rules and the rules on adverse possession. I wrote articles for the firm’s website on the intestacy rules and on the decision in Jones v Kernott. I drafted an oath for executors. I attended a client at his home to sign a will and attended client interviews with partners. I attended the Family Court and observed the negotiations between solicitors before hearings. I also sketched out the full process for the acquisition of shares in a limited company using a recently closed file.

    I learnt how Land Law is applied in practice for residential and commercial transactions, and how it is used to settle disputes. I gained experience in communicating complex issues of law to clients in simple and appropriate language. I came to appreciate how precise drafting is essential in order to anticipate potential problems.

    Finally, I gained insight into how solicitors ensure the prosperity of the firm and an understanding about the nature of the commercial relationship between a solicitor and his client.

    Everyone at WTB Solicitors made me feel very welcome and the experience I gained at the firm was instrumental in helping me to secure a training contract a few months later.”

  • rachel conboy

    “In terms of feedback I’ve nothing but praise for Ben and the team at WTB. Placement was really insightful, great experience and very interesting. Got to experience so much including a day with the duty solicitor at Civil Justice centre, couple of housing trials, prison visit to take instructions, client meetings, taking witness statements/defences. Would recommend placement to anyone, I think it is really great that I got to spend so much time with a partner from a firm and he really questioned and challenged me, which was unusual because that’s never really happened on placement before but was thoroughly enjoyable.”

  • James Stocker

    “I spent six months as a family law intern at WTB Solicitors working in the family department, although I was also given tasks from other departments at various times. One such task involved compiling a report on a lease.

    During my time at the firm I was able to gain experience of the day to day running of the firm. I was able to undertake a variety of tasks and gained experience of compiling court bundles and drafting applications to be submitted to the courts. I was also given the opportunity to write articles for the website.

    Throughout my time at WTB I have been able to engage with the clients. I have often spoken with the clients on the phone and helped with their enquiries. The opportunity to undertake tasks such as this has allowed me to learn the importance of being able to communicate effectively with the clients and to ensure that they are receiving the information in ways that they can fully understand.

    I found the staff at WTB to be very friendly and supportive. They helped me to complete and understand the tasks I was given and were always on hand to give me advice on the tasks I had been given. This has meant that I was able to gain confidence in the work that I was doing and this is something that I will take forward with me into my future career.

    I believe that the experience I gained whilst working at WTB was fundamental in helping me to secure my training contract.”